Learn to make beautiful jewelry using metal clay in single day workshop classes. No experience is needed to get started, just a spirit of adventure and the desire to explore new ways to unleash your creativity.

I frequently teach metal clay classes, most often at my studio in Saratoga Springs, NY,  and the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY and Lake George area.  I send out periodic e-mails to people interested in learning about classes as they are being developed. If you would like to receive these notices, please click here to send me a note.

Almost all of my workshops are single-day sessions and most use silver metal clay which is powdered silver mixed with a binder and water to create a clay-like substance.  In some classes you would be using an enriched sterling clay (.950 or .960) or a base metal clay.  You manipulate metal clay somewhat like a polymer or ceramic clay would be shaped and textured and then you dry it. Once dry you can sand and refine the piece and then it is kiln fired (or fired using a small butane torch). During the firing the binder burns off and the metal molecules sinter resulting in a solid metal piece. You then go through a series of steps to finish and shine the piece. It is lots of fun and truly can be done by anyone. There are many ways to work with the clay that range from simple but great to very complex. I’ve been teaching metal clay techniques since 2001.  I completed the Rio Rewards Certification Program in 2001 and Camp PMC Principal Instructor in 2020 and am an instructor member of AMCAW (Alliance For Metal Clay Arts Worldwide).  Even with these years of experience, I’m still learning new approaches! The information below describes the classes. Please keep in mind that classes can be customized to your specific interests when it is a class at my studio in Saratoga Springs. 

At each class I have plenty of clay available for sale as well as tool kits and a few related supplies. In any of the classes at any location, participants are welcome to use my tools and texture samples during class. You may bring unfired silver pieces to any class, and we’ll include them in the firing.

Class Descriptions

Silver Metal Clay Exploration – All levels – This is the introductory class to take if you’ve never taken a metal clay class or if you’ve been away from working with metal clay and would like a refresher. Explore the many ways that you can use silver in a metal clay formulation to create jewelry designs of your own.  The newest way of working with silver is metal clay which can be shaped like clay to produce uniquely textured surfaces, resulting in durable beautiful silver jewelry.  Students will learn metal clay working techniques and make pendants, earrings, charms, and rings.  The class will also cover techniques for setting and firing stones directly in metal clay.  Each student will leave with at least four finished pieces of jewelry.  No previous experience necessary.  Students at all levels of experience are welcome to join in the fun of using the newest method of working with pure silver.

Bracelets with Metal Clay – This class focuses on creating bracelets incorporating fine silver metal clay. This class in particular is fast paced and you should have taken a class or have some experience with metal clay to participate. The class also includes making metal clay clasps which is great for those who enjoy making beaded jewelry. You will choose which bracelets to make. Possibilities include Byzantine links, gemstone and metal clay links, embellished cuffs or bangles of copper, silver or titanium as well as rubber tubing with a metal beads. Sterling jump rings will be available for purchase if you wish to create a Byzantine link bracelet and silver, copper, and titanium forms will be available for purchase for the bangle and cuff bracelet options.

Keum-Boo on PMC – Keum-boo is the ancient Korean technique of applying 24K or 23.5K gold foil on silver. In this class you will create silver metal clay pieces suitable for this process and then after firing them, apply gold foil using this technique. I find the results amazingly beautiful, especially with a Liver of Sulfur patina applied to heighten the contrast.  While this class is ideal for those with metal clay experience, it is open to anyone with an interest in learning this technique.

Rings with Sterling Metal Clay – Sterling alloys in clay form are stronger than pure silver and easy to work with making it ideal for ring making.  It is possible to either purchase a .950 sterling clay or make a .960 clay (a 50/50 combination of pure silver clay and .925 sterling clay).  The emphasis in this class will be on making rings, but you are also welcome to use some of your clay to make other items as well.  While this class is ideal for those with metal clay experience, it is open to anyone with an interest in learning metal clay techniques for making rings with metal clay.  

Hollow Forms in Metal Clay – You will use fine silver metal clay to make a variety of hollow beads using combustible core substances and others without any core material at all. The materials provided for the class will be sufficient to allow you to experiment with several types of beads, and additional metal clay will be available for purchase if desired. The number of beads made will depend on the size and type of beads as well as the complexity of the forms. All will be done and ready to wear by the end of the day! This class is ideal for people who have been making beaded jewelry and have wanted to add some beads that they have made themselves.

Setting Stones in Metal Clay – Take your metal clay jewelry making skills to new levels by learning how to successfully add natural gem stones that can be kiln fired as well as stones that can not be heated. You will learn a variety of ways to set stones and will fully finish a least three pieces of jewelry in this workshop. Additional charges for natural stones are based on actual selections or you can bring your own stones.

Bronze and Copper Metal Clays – This single day workshop will introduce you to bronze and copper metal clays.  Many silver clay users have been enticed to give it a try with amazing results. While many of the techniques are very similar to the ones used in working with silver clay, there are some significant differences as well. The firing process is unique both in materials used and timing. You will learn how to adapt your silver clay techniques to base metal clays, make slip, join pieces, texture clay, carve, make objects that include use of a mandrel, dry the clay, estimate shrinkage, finish and add colorful patinas and learn all sorts of tips and techniques. Come with a willingness to experiment and enjoy the somewhat unpredictable results that come when using a new material!

Enamels on Metal Clay – Learn new techniques as you experiment with cloisonné and champleve enameling on fine silver metal clay. You will be guided through the process of creating several pieces of jewelry suitable for enameling and then learn enameling techniques to add colorful touches to your jewelry with brilliant enamels.

Textures and Molds for Metal Clay – This class focuses on creating a variety of your own unique textures to use with metal clay. I will also show you how to make molds using several different types of molding materials and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Soldering on Metal Clay – This class is the one to take if you really want to add sterling findings (earring posts, pin backs, etc.) or solder jump rings closed on your metal clay jewelry.  You’ll make pieces that need to have something added by soldering and then learn the basics of soldering using a butane torch.  You will use small butane torches, that most people find to be a less intimidating approach to soldering and also very effective on most jewelry sized pieces.  You’ll practice on some scrap metal and then move on to using your own creations.  You must have some metal clay experience to take this class.