Classes in the Future…

COVID put my class schedule on hold for most of 2020 but I am planning to get things going again, especially with nice weather when we can have windows and doors open. I currently have scheduled 1 class this fall at the Adirondack Folk School in Lake Luzerne, NY.  There are details on the course in my Workshops Scheduled Tab.  

I do anticipate adding classes starting in July, most likely to be held at the Adirondack Folk School.  I will definitely add a session of the introductory class that I typically teach there and am hoping to also teach the  two day Camp PMC 101 Certification Course there.  When I have plans set I will send out an email to everyone on my lists and I will also post the classes on my website.  

If you would like information on the safety precautions we are taking, photos of the projects or for more info, please email me.  

Stay healthy folks!