March 9, 2019 | Bronze Clay

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saratoga Springs, NY
Fees: $170.00

This single day workshop will introduce you to bronze and possibly also copper metal clay. Many silver metal clay users have been enticed to give base metal clays a try with amazing results. While many of the techniques are very similar to the ones used in working with silver clay, there are some significant differences as well. The firing process is unique to base metals both in materials used and timing. You will learn how to adapt your silver clay techniques to bronze and copper, make slip, join pieces, texture clay, carve, dry the clay, estimate shrinkage, finish and add colorful patinas and learn all sorts of tips and techniques. Come with a willingness to experiment with base metals!  Although there are many different types of bronze clay, we will be using the original Bronz Clay from Metal Adventures.  Since the clay that we will be using requires firing in carbon and takes a long time, the pieces will not be available until after the class.  You can either pick them up or I will mail them.

Waiting list only.