August 2, 2021 | Hollow Forms with Metal Clay

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saratoga Springs, NY
Fees: $180.00

In this class you will use silver metal clay to make a variety of hollow beads using combustible core substances and others without any core material at all. The materials provided for the class will be sufficient to allow you to experiment with several types of beads, and additional metal clay will be available for purchase if desired. The number of beads made will depend on the size and type of beads as well as the complexity of the forms. All will be done and ready to wear by the end of the day! This class is ideal for people who have been making beaded jewelry and have wanted to add some beads that they have made themselves. You should have taken a class or have some experience with metal clay to take this class.

This class is held in my Saratoga Springs studio and all participants must have been vaccinated.